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Business Law

Business Law

Our firm is proud to help municipalities and businesses create economic opportunities and be successful.

We offer assistance to cities, ports, counties and special purpose districts by serving as general counsel or on a case by case basis. Assisting municipalities to navigate the complicated laws and regulations is an opportunity to help our communities to grow and prosper. Our firm has decades of experience in guiding ports, cities, and public corporations through the process of adopting ordinances, resolutions, buying and selling property, responding to public disclosure requests, and avoiding violations of state, federal and local laws. We can help to modernize personnel policies, negotiate labor agreements, defend lawsuits, sue for recovery of costs, and draft documents to accomplish a community goal.

For a lawyer, few areas of practice are more rewarding than helping to create economic opportunity for our neighbors, and in rural Washington, municipalities are often the best at leveraging the public and private economic opportunities to create lasting growth.

Our business assistance is second to none. Whether you are just starting up or need to catch up on your annual minutes, our firm can help you with any legal requirements of your business or corporation. We also provide registered agent services and/or annual maintenance for your corporation at a very reasonable cost.

From sole proprietors to big corporations, we have done it all.

Let us help your municipality or business put people to work and preserve the services that it provides.

If you find yourself in need of a lawyer in any of the areas we have listed, or if you are unsure or confused about just what you require, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Business Law includes:
Forming New Corporation/Partnership/LLC

Shareholder or Partnership Agreements

Employment Contracts

Non-compete Contracts

Purchase/Sale of Business

Corporate Document Management/Maintenance Services

Registered Agent Services

Business Litigation

Banking Law

Legal Counsel for municipalities/governing agencies

Local Counsel for out of area businesses/agencies