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Our People

Our firm consists of nine attorneys who are well-versed in a wide variety of legal practice areas. You will be pleased with each attorney’s professional approach and willingness to assist you with your legal matter.

Our staff members will assist the attorneys to help you in any way they can. With careful research, excellent organization, and a friendly demeanor, our staff members not only work for the attorneys, they work for you. Our staff members receive many compliments and kudos from clients and other attorneys regarding their helpful manner and positive attitude.

What We Do

We provide prompt service for your legal needs.  When Ernie Ingram and Ted Zelasko first combined their solo practices more than 70 years ago forming the genesis of our firm, they did so with the specific goal of providing seamless and continuous coverage for their clients. That tradition of client-based service has kept us ahead of the competition. It means that you are never left in the lurch because of other trials, court calendars, other client demands, or vacations. There is always another member of the firm ready and willing to cover your case and to protect your legal rights.


Why Choose Us

We are one of the oldest and most experienced law firms in the area. We are committed to providing quality legal assistance to people and businesses. What sets us apart from other firms in the area is our size and the depth of the experience of our individual attorneys.  Each attorney is able to focus their legal practice in their own areas of particular and specialized interest. This means that each lawyer has the luxury of concentrating on certain practice areas that allows them to hone their skills and talents in fewer well-defined areas. This results in the ability of our firm to handle a wider variety of legal matters with a higher degree of skill and experience than you would find with a smaller firm or sole practitioner, where the attorneys are forced to be generalists. Our individual attorneys choose to be great at fewer things, rather than merely good at many things, and as a whole, our firm rises to the top.

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