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About Ingram, Zelasko and Goodwin, LLP

We strive to provide comprehensive legal advice and services in a prompt and efficient manner.  While we remain committed to being your local law firm on the corner of First and “I” Streets in Aberdeen, we are capable and ready to take on a greater variety of complex and difficult issues than any other law firm in the region.

Your Needs

All of a sudden . . . things happen.  Chances are you were not expecting to need our help and our services. We can help you navigate through any trouble spots until you are comfortable.  We are here to meet your needs and find answers to your questions.

Our Services

Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations as a trusted professional.  We have a successful track record of more than 70 years of helping real people find real answers to issues, whether simple or complex, planned or unexpected.  With nine attorneys and a wide variety of practice areas, we are at your service.

What sets us apart

What sets us apart from other firms in the area is our size and the depth of the experience of our individual attorneys. Since we have the most attorneys of any firm in our area, each individual attorney is able to focus and specialize their legal practice in their own areas of interest.  This means that each lawyer has the luxury of concentrating on certain practice areas thereby honing the level of their skills and talents to fewer well-defined areas.  This results in our firm being able to handle a wider variety of legal matters with a higher degree of skill and experience than you would find with a smaller firm or sole practitioner, where the attorneys are forced to be generalists.  Our individual attorneys choose to be great at fewer things, rather than merely being good at many things, and as a whole, our firm rises to the top.

Please call us at 360.533.2865 or email us at izglaw@izglaw.com.